6 Surprising Ways To Grow Your Instagram With Pinterest



November 17, 2020

In many ways, Instagram and Pinterest could be seen as two sides of the same coin. They are both the most visually-driven social networks at the moment. However, they couldn’t be more different.

Instagram is a platform geared towards individuals. Each user uploads their own unique images and videos that they’ve created, and then posts them to their page. It’s also an insular website. The only place you can include clickable links is your bio. Any brand using Instagram should also be using the best Instagram analytics tool, SocialFox, in order to gain detailed insights into their brand engagement.

Meanwhile, Pinterest takes the complete opposite route. It focuses on the communal aspect of content sharing. Users on Pinterest construct webs of external links and images that have a collage-like charm.

The immediate argument that many jump to is which one is better. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and some people develop a clear preference for one over the other.

But what if I told you that they could work together? That they could complement each other’s approach?

That’s right. The contrasting flavors of Instagram and Pinterest can join in unison like a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Ready to take a bite? If so, read on and this article will show you how you can use Pinterest to expand your Instagram presence.


The first thing that you can do is pin your Instagram photos on Pinterest. It’s a simple process that takes very little time.

All you need to do is save the image, upload it, and then add a direct link to the Instagram post before submitting. Voilà, the work is done!

Oh, and don’t forget to write out some captions before posting. Here you can provide a snippet of context behind the picture. The character limit isn’t as long as it is on Instagram, but it’s still enough to craft something interesting to draw viewers in.

Also, if your post has multiple images, you might want to consider putting together something for Pinterest that merges all of them into a single image. This is a great opportunity to make exclusive content just for your Pinterest audience.

The best part of having your photos on Pinterest is that they remain evergreen. In contrast to Instagram, Pinterest doesn’t arrange images by their upload date. This means that users will be able to find them without having to dig through a chronological feed. Any pins that become popular will continue to get significant traffic for quite awhile.


One of Pinterest’s main attractions is the ability to create and curate boards.

Boards are collections of pins that are selected by a user, or a community of users. They are usually assembled around a theme, central idea, or visual connection. Some contain a wide variety of content, including links to pictures, blog posts, recipes, articles, videos, and many other things.

Think of it as multimedia scrapbooking on the internet.

The allure of these boards is in how they are displayed on the page. There’s something oddly intriguing and satisfying about the way that the content is compiled. For many, it’s a source of inspiration.

You can’t help but let your eyes, and thoughts, wander from image to image across the board. It can help spark ideas or put you in a certain mood.

Try making a board out of your Instagram photos with this in mind. Group them by their aesthetics or subject matter. Feel free to incorporate other users’ content into your board if it feels like a good fit.

An effective board will capture the viewer’s imagination and encourage them to seek out the sources of their favorite pins.


Our entire culture is driven by narrative. We think in sequential events and communicate to each other through stories. We watch stories on our screens, read about stories in our literature, and follow stories in the news.

Why do we do this?

Because stories have meaning. They weave together events in a way that demonstrates purpose and consequence. Through them we can get a greater sense of ourselves and the world around us.

Pinterest is a platform with a lot of storytelling potential. Through the use of themed boards, you can patch together interconnected information that forms a bigger picture.

So, what can you do?

For one thing, you can tell your brand’s story. Put together a variety of sources about your business from your Instagram, Facebook, main website, blog, store, and anywhere else. Tell its history, who works there, what you sell, and how you hope to make an impact. Turn your brand into a fully fleshed-out personality that the audience can understand and identify with.

There are many other stories you can tell too. You can explore your community, document a travelogue, or share a major local event that you participated in. The narrative possibilities are endless.


Keywords on Pinterest are a necessary part of guiding users to the content that they’re looking for.

There are several places in which keywords can be added. First of all, you can put them in your pin captions. You can also include keywords in your profile, as well as in the title and description of your boards.

If you use WordPress to publish on your main website, you can attach keywords to images through alt tags. These will transfer over to Pinterest when directly linked. Simply enter them in the box labeled “Alternative Text” and separate each one with a comma.

Try to keep your keywords relevant and as specific as possible. Overly generic keywords won’t attract as much engagement as the more niche ones. You’ll receive more attention if you cater to specific demographics.

Don’t abuse the system by stuffing in unrelated words. Pinterest users will either ignore your pins or possibly even report them as spam.

Take some time to observe the latest trends. Look for any notable keywords that fit your brand. You could use them to influence your Instagram content. Then when you share your images between the two sites, there will be instant crossover appeal. This might prompt them into visiting your Instagram for more as a result.


Much like Instagram, Pinterest is a rich resource for gathering user-generated content. There are millions of talented artists on the website pumping out their work every day.

Say that you’re browsing through Pinterest boards. You see an image that catches your eye. Perhaps it perfectly matches the visual style of your brand, or involves one of your products in an inventive way. Maybe it even inspires a new marketing campaign.

If you wanted, you could look into featuring it on your Instagram account.

Remember to ask for permission first, though. You could get in serious legal trouble if you swipe somebody else’s photography without consent. Furthermore, news of creative theft could damage the reputation of the brand.

Always treat your followers with respect. Show your audience that their contributions are valuable and appreciated. Never do anything to break their trust. This will make them more willing to produce content and share it with you.


There are influencers on every social network. Even on Pinterest there is even a multitude of influencers who are renowned for their ability to design boards.

So why not join forces with one of them?

Find an influencer whose sensibilities matches the brand, and then ask them to do a takeover. Invite them to share a board with you. Supply them with content from Instagram and other places. Give them complete freedom in their decisions.

The results might surprise you. Some influencers can put a twist on your brand that you never considered before.

If the takeover works out well, then you could form an ongoing partnership with the influencer. This can turn into a mutually beneficial deal for both parties. In exchange for their ongoing collaboration, you could promote their content in return.

The greatest advantage you gain from working with influencers is that you get access to their followers. It’s a surefire way to amplify your reach and spread brand awareness.

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