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Who are your followers?

Instagram Analytics for Followers

Learn more about your audience by using our Instagram analytics for followers to really understand the type of content they're actually engaging with. SocialFox is the best Instagram analytics tools for followers because we show you actionable data - no fluff. We'll show you what is and isn't working so you can improve your content strategy to optimize and maximize your engagement.

Instagram Analytics for Hashtags

When done correctly, your hashtag strategy can exponentially boost the amount of traffic and engagement. SocialFox offers the best Instagram analytics for hashtags. Discover new hashtags, cull the ones that aren't working, and monitor how your hashtags are performing.

How can you improve your stories?

Instagram Analytics for Stories

Instagram stories is a way to get regular engagement from your followers. It is extremely crucial to capture a new follower's attention because if they skip a stories often enough, then your brand will be placed at the bottom of their view list. Utilize SocialFox's Instagram analytics for stories to find out exactly what type of stories are driving the most engagement and what type of stories doesn't work.

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